Discovering Accounts

Klarity discovers accounts from two sources:

  • Billing data
  • Cloud Estate APIs

Viewing list of Accounts

To view the list of accounts, go to Menu, and then Cloud Accounts.

Each account on the list is marked in either green or red.

If the icon color is:

  • green, then Klarity has full access to this account through the API, and therefore a richer data-set is available in Klarity
  • red, then only partial data was found in the billing data, and therefore only basic information about this account is available in Klarity


You can filter your accounts by account name. When you start typing in the account name, the list of accounts is narrowed down accordingly.

Adding a new account

  1. To add a new account manually, click Add new Account

  2. In the next stage, you must provide more details about your account.

  3. Then, select your cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCP, IBMCLOUD, or HYBRID). To select VMWARE, KUBERNETES, or OPENSHIFT, first select HYBRID.

  4. For each provider you must provide some specific data (for example, Role ARN for AWS, or App Id for Azure).

  5. When the account is configured, and the account is connected, you can:

  • either assign your account resources manually
  • or skip manually assigning your account resources. (In this case, the account resources will be assigned automatically to environments and applications if you have defined discovery rules.)

Viewing Account details

To see the details of a particular account, click on the account name.

You see:

  • the list of estate records that are related to this account
  • Monthly Cost (total monthly cost of all estate records)
  • Cost (the total cost of this estate record)
  • Forecast (the forecast cost of this estate record)

Account settings

To make changes to account settings, in Account details, click Account settings.

In account settings, you can change some details, such as account name or contact person. You can also delete an account.

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