Carbon Footprint

Klarity supports the cloud carbon footprint calculation and saving suggestions for selected AWS resources.

The formula of carbon footprint calculations (CO2e)

CO2e = kilowattHours * emissionsFactors[region]

kilowattHours is calculated based on different types, like Compute, Memory, Networking and Storage types (Ref.1).

emissionsFactors is a constant which is defined in the CCF (Cloud Carbon Footprint) code for different providers and regions (Ref.2).

Notes: Most of the values are constant, but they are different for each type, resource, and cloud provider

The list of AWS supported services

Carbon footprint calculations:

  • EBS
  • EC2
  • ElastiCache
  • Lambda
  • RDS
  • S3

Carbon footprint saving suggestion:

  • Idle Resources
  • Orphan Resources
  • Overprovisioned Virtual Machines
  • Overprovisioned Databases

Carbon footprint saving suggestion transition formula

Carbon footprint saving suggestions are displayed in grams units. The tooltip for carbon footprint saving suggestions is displaying the savings equivalent (Ref.3) of:

  • carbon emissions generated by a driving car
  • carbon emissions generated by charging a smartphone

Applications, Environments, Estate Records and Organization Units

The aggregated information about carbon footprint emission and saving suggestions is visible on:

  • the application, environment and organization unit details view Carbon footprint cal and saving Picture 1. Carbon footprint calculation and savings

Carbon footprint saving tooltip Picture 2. Carbon footprint savings tooltip

Additional carbon footprint saving suggestion icons with a tooltip are visible on:

  • application list view
  • list of the environments on the application details view
  • estate record list with additional filter "Estate Records with Carbon Emissions Savings"


Ref.1 Cloud Carbon Footprint - Methodology.

Ref.2 AWS Footprint Estimation Constants.

Ref.3 Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.

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